Building site – conditions for applying FP

Prior to the application of FP FLAMEX, the contractor should provide certain conditions for quality application, efficient and safe operation.

The general conditions to be provided would be:

  • adequate power supply energy of equipment and lighting
  • ventilation of the building
  • appropriate safety measures at work and means of protection (scaffolding, equipment for work at height, helmets, etc.. )
  • established waste disposal procedure
  • provision of equipment for machine and manual application of FP

It is important to know that FLAMEX is a water-based expanding (reactive) coating and that such coatings require more complex handling and storage measures compared to other coatings.. Such coatings are sensitive to moisture and must be protected from:

  • high humidity,
  • rain and
  • water condensation (during usage on the construction site)

The space in which the works are performed

The presence of water leads to a change in the characteristics of the product, which is repercussed on the performance during the application and formation of the film (excessive spillage and blistering in the coating film).

When performing the application, it is necessary to keep records (twice during the working day) on the conditions in which the application took place, ie. it is necessary to measure the temperature and humidity of the space in which the application of FP is performed.

The ambient temperature should be between 10 and 35 ° C

Relative humidity must not exceed 80%.


The substrate for applying PP must be dry and the temperature on its surface must always be at least 3 ° C above the dew point temperature.. Experience has shown that application should not be carried out in conditions which are deteriorating, ie if:

  • the temperature begins to drop even if it is obvious that it will fall below 10 ° C
  • relative humidity increases and Topada (conditions for condensation of moisture on the steel surface)


FLAMEX FP coating drying is a wet film curing process during which the coating solvent (water) evaporates into the surrounding air.. If the ambient air is dry and the temperature is higher, it is clear that the drying process will be faster compared to the case when the ambient air is humid and its temperature is lower. The ambient air will absorb moisture from the coating to its saturation limit at a given temperature. That is why it is very important that there is an air flow around the surfaces which need to be dried. Forced air flow and good ventilation are always an advantage when it comes to drying and if possible it is necessary to provide air flow conditions by forced means. Even air of higher relative humidity will allow drying if there is forced ventilation because in this way the contact of saturated air with the surfaces of the film to be dried is prevented.


The surface on which the coating is applied must be dry and without condensation. The thickness of the dry film to be applied is determined before the start of work and depends on the degree of protection to be achieved and the type of profile to be protected. Before applying the FLAMEX FP coating, it is necessary to measure the thickness of the primer. It is advisable to apply a coating on the test surface before starting the work and agree with the investor on the quality of the final dry film (surface).