General Information

Flamex – expanding fire protection coating is used as the most important element of the system for protection of metal surfaces from the effects of fire. The entire protection system includes the application of three layers of protection:

  • base or primary layer - made of anti-corrosion coating (primer)Protivpožarni premaz
  • second or middle layer - makes it an expanding fire-retardant coating
  • final layer - consists of a decorative coating

Base or primary layer

The function of the primary coating layer in fire protection of steel is very important for further securing the steel from fire. We recommend the use of Flamex primers or compatible primers. If there is prior protection on the steel, it is necessary to consult the technical service of the manufacturer for further advice before applying the middle expanding layer.


Fire protection coating - intermediate layer

The fire-retardant expanding intermediate layer contains thermosetting components which, when exposed to a relatively low temperature flame (170 C), initiate a chemical reaction in the coating itself. During the chemical reaction, gases are released which are the initiators of the rapid expansion of the interlayer, ie. coating expansion. The total result of the chemical reaction is the formation of a thermal insulation layer that protects the metal surface affected by the flame in the period of 30.60 and 90 minutes. No halogen elements are emitted during the expansion of the fire protection coating.


Final coating layer

Primary role of the final coating layer is protetection of the middle layer from moisture and atmpospheric condintions. The secondary role is decorative and it can be made in different shades according to the RAL chart.

The final coating must be compatible with the expanding coating.

When choosing the coating it is necessary to consult the manufqacturer's techincal service for advice.

Fire protection coating - general physical and chemical characteristics

  • appearance: white opaque liquid viscosity mPa * s (Brookfield 5/20): 11,000 - 17,000.
  • pH: 8,00 - 9,00.
  • density, g/cm3: 1,25 – 1,45.
  • contents VOC, g/l: < 20.
  • content of solids, % on 105 °C : 65 to 70.
  • drying time, h ( 20°C): up to 5.


primary packaging: plastic bucket with wide lid, net 25 kg.


the product is stored in the original packaging in a space protected from the atmosphere at a temperature of +5 ° C to 35 ° C.

Expiration date

Shelf life up to 12 months.


transport codes:  ADR goods.


Use protective gloves and goggles when handling. The use of a respirator is optional but recommended. Precautions for weakly basic chemicals are recommended.

Important Note

The information presented in this technical sheet represents the knowledge of the manufacturer, which is presented in the best intention to make it easier for users to use and handle. For more detailed instructions use the instructions for use, safety data sheet as well as the manufacturer's recommendations.